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My name is Mat. I am an amateur radio since 1998.

I am mostly interested in VHF, UHF and microwave techniques.

I believe that ham radio is not only a great hobby but also it has a strong connection with science. In order to keep it alive we must respect the original spirit of ham radio:


Experimenting radio wave propagation and radio techniques by making QSO and keeping a constant interest in experimentation and self-learning


Promoting our knowledge into our ham community and also outside because ham radio as many connections with other scientific hobbies

Ham Radio great interest is in radiowave propagation : how could we take advantage of so many wonderful radio propagation possibilities that Mother Nature provides to us in order to transmit some information from one place to another place?  Imagine .... : Aurora scatter, Meteor scatter, Sporadic E, F2, Ionosphere, Troposcatter, FAI, Rain scatter, Reflection, MoonBounce ... wow!  What an incredible amount of opportunities !! That is ham radio prime interest.

In comparison, Internet and cellular phones are very poor and just focused on the information itself. We, Ham Radio are interested on HOW the information could be transmitted and the technical art to achieve it.

VHF, UHF and microwaves are the very right place to keep interested with radio experimentation. These bands are my favourites. In fact each band is interesting because each one provide specific propagation phenomenon.

I hope to provide more English reading in the future. If you want information about an article of this site don't hesitate to contact me via email .

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Hope to copy you soon!


Matthieu F4BUC